SonarQube Jenkins Integration and project analysis

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Using the steps we can configure SonarQube code analysis with Jenkins in genral sonarqube gets installed at port number 9000 so the IP should come as http://<<ipaddress&gt;:9000/dashboard.

  1. Open the Jenkins login if required move to option Manage Jenkins >> manage plugins


  1. Under manage plugin we need to configure sonarqube code analysis plugin the link for the plugin is

To configure the plugin follow :-

  • Click the “Manage Jenkins” link.
  • Click the “Global Tool Configuration” link.
  • Click the “Available” tab.
  • Search “SonarQube Plugin”.
  • Select “SonarQube Plugin” and Click the “Install without restart” button.

Once the plugin is installed it should under the menu Installed plugin option


  1. Once the plugin is configure we need to configure our sonar servers details like (server url , credentials under Jenkins
  2. Go to Manage Jenkins -> Configure system   and give the details as required and shown below
  3. Once SonarQube server details are successfully configured under the Jenkins next we can utilize it for doing sonar analysis of project under Jenkins
  4. Go to Jenkins create a sample project either it can be Freestyle or Maven project
  5. Under build environment option in Jenkins  search and choose the option Prepare SonarQube Scanner environment
  6. Next under POST BUILD ACTION STEPS choose sonarqube analysis with maven
  7. Next under SonarQube analysis section choose Advance option and provide the path for POM.XML file


  1. So till now we were able to complete
    * Embedding sonar server under Jenkins
    * Configuring sonar analysis for once the project under Jenkins

Next we will run the Jenkins job

  1. Once the project build is successful go to sonarqube server at http://<<ipaddress>:9000/dashboard it will show all the project got analyzed
  2. Or click the icon sonarqube under Jenkins project summary tab
  3. Once we are into sonarqube dashboard we can see the report for our project which got analyzed and can check the status whether it’s PASSED , FAILED or under WARNING its all depends on the quality get we set against the project
  4. As per the result of sonarqube analysis we can make our respective build pass or fail under Jenkins using the option the steps mentioned under the blog :