Protractor e2e training instructor lab led training

About the course

The course help candidates to acquire end-to-end working knowledge on protractor tool for automation testing.
It helps candidate to acquire necesary skills to perform their day to day task using protractor.


The trainer is insdustry seasonsed SME on protractor and has handeled multiple enterprise projects using protractor as tool.

Along with also use to provide training to candiates to acquire require skills.

  • Introduction
    • Brief on protractor
    • Its connectivity with JIRA
  • Installation
    • Pre-requisites
    • Installing JDK and Node.JS
    • Installing Protractor on Windows
    • Sublime Text IDE and configuring build system
    • Running the first Protractor Test
    • Installing Eclipse and Turn plug-in
  • Protractor Basics
    • Selenium WebDriver vs. Protractor
    • Architecture
    • Understanding the Conf.js file
    • Understanding Describe and It blocks and writing test cases
    • Adding validations using Jasmine Expect
  • Jasmine Basics
    • Introduction to Jasmine and basic features
    • BeforeEach and AfterEach
    • Expect toBe and not toBe
    • Expect toEqual, toMatch and not toEqual
    • Creating Test Suites and running selective / all test cases
    • Creating Test Suites and running selective / all test cases – code
  • Locators
    • About AngularJS Locators
    • By Model, By ClassName, By ButtonText – Code
    • By Binding, By ID – Code
    • By Repeater – Code
    • By addLocators – code
    • Select Wrapper class
  • Utilities
    • Generating Logs
    • Generating Logs – Code
    • Generating Jasmine2 HTML Reports
    • Generating Allure Reports
    • Installing Maven and Generating HTML Reports
    • Understanding Package.json file and it’s usage
  • Data Driven Testing
    • Reading data through JSON files – Code
    • Parameterization using Jasmine Data Providers – Code

  • E2E testing on AngularJS Application
  • Page Object Model – Framework (Live Project)
    • Introduction to Page Object Model
    • Creating Architecture and Adding business pages
    • Adding More Business Page and Test Cases
    • Adding the Page Object Model design pattern
    • Adding common Json file for Locators and TestData
  • Handling Non-Angular Elements
    • Automating a Login window
    • Automating a login window – code
    • Handling tabs and popup