CI / CD Experienced person required 7+ years


· Complete CI/CD flow to install/maintain applications and packages on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

· Implement pipelines using Jenkins and its various plugins

· Integration of Jenkins plugins like Git, Maven, Publish over SSH, SSH plugin, Ansible plugin for CI/CD

· Implement build and deploy for Java micro service as backend service

· Implement build and deploy for Angular project with Nginx as web/Proxy server

· Create Ansible playbooks for deployment on servers

· Manage the Development/QA/Production environments

· Troubleshoot and resolve issues on the Development/QA/Production environments

· Install/Package/Migrate the Releases

· Manage/Improve the CM (Configuration Management) Tool



  • Prepare design specifications based on business requirements
  • Participate in product deployment and conversion activities
  • Assist project managers , analysts , testers and other team members as required
  • Helping users setup workspaces , perform regular troubleshooting for users , training users in using CM technology , environment and processes


  • 3-5 Years in various roles associated to software coding , production support , maintenance , and Technical documentation , CM activities , SQL Server administration experience