Branching and Merging

Branching and Merging
Multi Release Branching and Merging


  • Master reflects currently what is there in the production and it has most up-to-date copy of the production
  • From master will create test it contain the code which is ready get deployed on test environments
  • From test we will branch out development when the development is stable than we will prompt it to test and then to master.
  • During the development phase we may want to work on different feature so we can create feature wise branch like feature1 and feature2
  • Further to support multiple release we create branches like REL1.0 and REL2.0 from the master for the specific release.
  • Any bug fix for Rel1.0 will go to this branch and then we will merge back the changes to REL2.0 and tehe to development and then to feature1 and feature2
  • Further when master is ready for REL2.0 we will create branch REL2.0 from master
  • We commit to feature1 and that point of we are going to be one commit ahead for development we will simply do a fast-forward of the development to the feature1 branch