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  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
     Pre-requisites
     Installing JDK and Node.JS
     Installing Protractor on Windows
     Sublime Text IDE and configuring build system
     Running the first Protractor Test
     Installing Eclipse and Turn plug-in
  3. Protractor Basics
     Selenium WebDriver vs. Protractor
     Architecture
     Understanding the Conf.js file
     Understanding Describe and It blocks and writing test cases
     Adding validations using Jasmine Expect
  4. Jasmine Basics
     Introduction to Jasmine and basic features
     BeforeEach and AfterEach
     Expect toBe and not toBe
     Expect toEqual, toMatch and not toEqual
     Creating Test Suites and running selective / all test cases
     Creating Test Suites and running selective / all test cases – code
  5. Locators
     About AngularJS Locators
     By Model, By ClassName, By ButtonText – Code
     By Binding, By ID – Code
     By Repeater – Code
     By addLocators – code
     Select Wrapper class
  6. Utilities
     Generating Logs
     Generating Logs – Code
     Generating Jasmine2 HTML Reports
     Generating Allure Reports
     Installing Maven and Generating HTML Reports
     Understanding Package.json file and it’s usage
  7. Data Driven Testing
     Reading data through JSON files – Code
     Parameterization using Jasmine Data Providers – Code
  8. E2E testing on AngularJS Application
  9. Page Object Model – Framework (Live Project)
     Introduction to Page Object Model
     Creating Architecture and Adding business pages
     Adding More Business Page and Test Cases
     Adding the Page Object Model design pattern
     Adding common Json file for Locators and TestData
  10. Handling Non-Angular Elements
     Automating a Login window
     Automating a login window – code
     Handling tabs and popup