Triggering Bamboo build from Jira comment

Understand how Build Queue Service works

The following REST API endpoint can be used (e.g. with curl) to trigger a Bamboo build:

curl -X POST -u admin:password http://bamboo-host:8085/rest/api/latest/queue/PLAN-KEY?os_authType=basic


  • admin with a Bamboo username that has the permission to trigger a build
  • password with the respective user’s password
  • http://bamboo-host:8085 with Bamboo’s Base URL
  • PLAN-KEY with the Bamboo plan key for which a build is to be triggered

Ensure the curl command works before moving on to section #2 below.

How Build Queue Service can be triggered using JIRA Webhooks

  1. The URL in section #1 above can be translated to a Webhook URL as follows:http://admin:password@bamboo-host:8085/rest/api/latest/queue/PLAN-KEY?os_authType=basicusername and password are inserted in between the Base URL (after the double slashes and before the hostname) using the format username:password@
  2. When configuring Webhooks, the option Exclude body must be checked

Example: A Build will be triggered when a Comment is added in a JIRA Issue