Attach windows node to linux master jenkins instance


Here the Jenkins master is configured over the Linux operating system and we require to connect to a windows server to it as an agent.
Connection methodology: – Launch agent by connecting to the master

Navigate to Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security


Under configure system search for the option Agents option and then choose TCP port for inbound agents option as Random if you want to keep as Fixed that also can be chosen as per the port connectivity feasibility.

Next step move the Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes ->

From there choose the option New Node give any required name and choose it permanent agent and click on OK.

Under next window provide Remote root directory which should be a valid path on the windows server.
Important step here is choose Launch method which should be chosen as Launch agent by connecting it to the master , after this click on save button.

Once both option choose properly next we should get below window for agent creation methods

So under above screenshot there are three different method using which the agent can be launched.

Launching the windows agent

As till now we have properly configure the agent but we have yet not launched it as next step we require to launch it.

Login to the window server and then open the Jenkins instance on the windows server and navigate to Manage Nodes option

Click on the agent which we require to launch here it is Windows Agent-Test

This option will again it us to the Agent Launch window

Make sure appropriate Java version is configured over the Slave windows server Next click on the  option it should download JNLP file  with name slave-agent.jnlp

It will open a java applet window which will ask for prompt to run the Jenkins Remote Agent click on Run option. If all the option provided properly this agent should get connected to the Jenkins Linux Master properly with below prompt window

Now if we again go to the Nodes option we can see the newly create agent in the list as active with its system architecture as Windows SERVER

We can try running a sample job also over windows agent which will publish the agent info

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