Exporting and Importing specific project between different JIRA server isntance

Sometime we need to replicate the things on staging JIRA environment in-case environments are not in sync and the project doesn’t exist on the production environment.

In this case we have either option to refresh the whole staging environment or we can export specific project also from production JIRA to staging JIRA environment.


Applied to: – Server JIRA not for Cloud JIRA version as configuration plugin not available for cloud version

Following the steps we can migrate specific project between different instances of JIRA.



Login to the target JIRA instance (Staging) then go to the configuration manager by clicking on the cogs wheel icon as shown below.

It will take us to the configuration snapshot screen under which we can create the snapshot for the project which we want to export.

Click on option Create Snapshot

Under the next screen provide all the details as required like snapshot name, project whose snapshot needs to be created

Once provided all the required details click on the create option it will create once the project is created once the snapshot is created successfully it should screen like below so we can see project snapshot got created with 88 configuration elements and 23 issues.

Next step we have to download the snapshot by clicking on the cog wheels under action column of configuration snapshots.

The snapshot will be downloaded as a zip file and same can be seen under the downloaded location so our creation of snapshot part is completed next we need to import this project snapshot onto the target JIRA location.

Login to the target JIRA location and again go to the configuration manager section from the cog’s wheel drop down list.

This time choose two option 1st choose deploy option from left menu bar then choose From Snapshot file option as marked below :-

As soon we click on the From Snapshot file option it provided us with option to choose the .zip snapshotfile so we can browse and choose the snapshot zip file once we choose the .zip file it should come as below.

As show now click on Deploy option as we click on Deploy option it will ask whether we can to merge the snapshot to the existing project or do we want to create a new project.

Here we will select new project also give the project name and Key.

Next screen it will be showing what all it will be importing like (projects,issue types , screens)..

Under this wizard keep clicking next and once we get the option where we get Deploy button we can just hit the Deploy button.

Once the snapshot is deployed successfully it will show screen like below :-

So this means the snapshot is successfully imported to target JIRA instance from the source JIRA instance we can now browse the project which got imported and verify it as shown below.

Project successfully migrated from JIRA instance one to JIRA instance two.




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