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summaryChange Management – ITIL
Change management

A change is an activity that is
• Approved by the management
• Implemented with a minimized risk to existing IT infrastructure
• Results in a new status of one or more configuration item
• Provide increased value to business from the use of new or enhanced IT systems.
Steps in Change Management
Request (a change request is created) -> Approval is obtained for implementation -> Implementation (Changed is implemented and validation and testing done) -> Post implementation review -> Closure (of ticket post confirmation)

Steps involved in change management:-


Types Of Changes:

Standard Changes :-
This are preapproved changes which have standard set of procedure with lower business impact or no business impact it can be implemented by service provider with client approver

Normal Change:-
This changes can be implemented they don’t have predefined steps impact may vary from low to high it may or may not require approval from the client based on the client service provider environment
Emergency Changes:-
Are similar to normal changes but are implemented in scenario of business emergency

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